the new itrainer will recession-proof your business,
are you going to hunt... or be the hunted?


Randall Reed is one if the leading Ford dealers in the country. He is known for his forward thinking, competitive nature and aggressive marketing. He puts an old-fashioned, American principle to work for him... hard work! Plan your work and work your plan— a novel concept but rarely executed by a sales force or management team. However, Mr. Reed has a secret weapon called the itrainer, which transforms everyday salespeople into Ultimate
Image Sales Professionals (UISP). The UISP motto: Hunt... or be he hunted! The premise: Give a man a fish (i.e. advertising) and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish (i.e. prospecting) and feed him for a lifetime.

Armed with the TNT (Tactical Network Training), a proactive marketing system, Ultimate Image Sales Professionals actively pursue business, putting themselves in front of more consumers vs. gambling on the advertising dollar to bring potential clients into the showroom.

An excellent example of this is the process known as TFS (Tactical Field Skills). In TFS an Ultimate Image Sales Professional contacts the supervisor of a current client who has purchased or serviced their vehicle within 72 hours and obtains permission to enter the client’s work environment. Then, in front of the client’s coworkers, and peers—unbeknownst to the client—brings him/her gifts and dealer-branded merchandise. The Ultimate Image Sales Professional, supported with a FMD (Field Marketing Document), obtains the name and contact information of all those in attendance (blowing the federal no call list out the window). Then contacts them that evening while obtaining referrals and generating appointments for new potential prospects.

The result is an average of three vehicles sold per field call at an average gross profit of $3,000 dollars per copy, and that’s

not including the additional new business on your service drive! The Ultimate Image Sales Professional does this routinely, Monday thru Friday.

Another example is the process known as RCS (Red Carpet Service), where the Ultimate Image Sales Professional works in conjunction with the service advisors and the service clients known as “waiters.” The process involves a client answering a series of questions that build CSI and consumer confidence, making the service waiter feel empowered and comfortable. In a concerted effort to have these clients evaluate new products, an Ultimate Image Sales Professional utilizes the NVE (New Vehicle Evaluation) document. The goal is to get the client to look at a new vehicle. The Ultimate Image Sales Professional demonstrates his/her walk-around skills, showing off the new vehicle in its best possible light. The UISP then explains the vehicle’s features and benefits, using relevant story closes. Next, the service client takes the new vehicle for a test drive. On average, three out of four clients ask questions during the test drive such as: What are the payments on something like this? Do you have any good lease packages? And, how much is this? All of these, of course, are buying signals. For every three who ask these questions, one will purchase today.

These are only two of the processes found in the TNT, a proactive marketing system of the Ultimate Image Sales Professional. So, why is under invoice advertising and zero percent financing available? Could it be we have become the hunted? Decrease your training costs and attrition, TAKE BACK YOUR BUSINESS TODAY... as an Ultimate Image Sales Professional.

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