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testimonial evidence of character

High-performance sales professionals sell by way of referral, using testimonials (i.e. letters, CDs or DVDs). Every product on the market has a brochure. Why don't you—the greatest product there is—have one as well? Your Testimonial Evidence of Character (TEC) bridges the TEC gap between you and your client.


tactical phone skills

Although it takes hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars to attract a potential client to the showroom; 80 percent of customers who visit do not buy or receive a follow-up call. In addition, 40 percent, when asked, indicated they would have purchased if someone had called and asked for their business. All people F.E.A.R. rejection. Most sales people F.E.A.R. the telephone. Do you think they're connected? TPS disconnects the F.E.A.R.


guaranteeing the referral

Included in TPS
One of the easiest calls you'll ever make is to a referral. Why? Your credibility has already been established. However, you must obtain before you can maintain. The average salesperson does not stay in touch with their clientele and therefore misses enormous opportunity for repeat business. itrainer will teach you how to guarantee the referral.


guaranteeing the appointment

Included in TPS
Many salespeople think they've done a good job by obtaining a referral and they have! However, it doesn't earn your commission. It's unbelievable how many referrals are obtained but never contacted. The objective is to communicate the feeling of conviction to your potential client that he or she must keep the appointment.


tactical field skills

The highest paid profession in the world is entertainment, falling close behind in second place is sales. An Ultimate Image Sales Professional must be: well mannered, courteous, highly motivated, disciplined and—most important—incredibly entertaining! TFS (Tactical Field Skills) teaches you the skills necessary to step out of your comfort zone and pursue new business. In addition, it will help you show appreciation to your current clientele while making an audience of their coworkers and peers. TFS will make you outstanding in your field.


red carpet service

Most salespeople live from paycheck to paycheck, going days or even a week without speaking to a potential client and/or assisting someone with a purchase. How can providing Red Carpet Service improve your bottom line? It teaches you how to create business utilizing your current service client base! While others lounge around, you'll be racking up business. RCS will shuttle your clients to their next purchasing decision.


track the rack:

Included in RCS
Many clients who are having their vehicle serviced are in the market for a new vehicle—and don't even know it yet! Track The Rack (TTR) teaches you how to contact service clients who have a vehicle being repaired and turn them into sales clients! The objective is to take a vehicle that is about to have work done and offer to purchase it to supplement your used car inventory, putting the client in a position to consider a new vehicle... TODAY!


service phone follow-up

Included in RCS
Clients that have recently visited the service department are perfect prospects, especially if we have room for their vehicle in our used car inventory! The objective of service phone follow-up (SPF) is to build your phone skills confidence in obtaining referrals and setting appointments. On average, for every three people you contact in this way one will make an appointment, and for every three appointments one will buy a car!


the super shuttle:

Included in RCS
Why should the shuttle driver get all of your opportunities? The Super Shuttle (TSS) teaches you how to select service clients who are using the shuttle to go to work and turn them into new opportunities. The objective is to allow the clients to best appreciate the make that you sell while gaining the information necessary to perform a future field call, pursuing business for today as well as tomorrow.


real effective mail:

When sending mail, you cast a wide net with as many computer generated, electronically stamped pieces as possible. Then, you hope someone will actually read it, come in and ask for you. Yeah, right! The primary thing you have accomplished is killing more trees. So, how do you get a total stranger to notice you? REM delivers a new way to effectively use mail as a marketing tool, ensuring that you do not return to sender.


follow-up, too:

While there are many things that can attribute to success, there is one key that is common to all successful endeavors—follow-up! Be it emotional, mental, physical, financial, business, marriage or raising children, success in all aspects hinges on the follow-up F-2 is pivotal in showing genuine concern for your client relationships and building client loyalty and trust.


effective leadership management:

People are only as good as their leadership-—they are a reflection of YOU. A key contributing factor to a salesperson's success is more than desire, attitude and drive. It's that one individual commanding the company. Lead is not a noun it's a verb. ELM emphasizes the "Follow Me!" that commands your troops to success.



An Ultimate Image Drill Instructor on site training your leadership and staff on any process you choose! Not only will the instructor teach your team the concept in theory but he/she will also show your team how to properly execute and succeed at the chosen process.

Provides essential on site training for your entire staff by an Ultimate Image Drill Instructor. This training session will ensure that your staff has an understanding of the concept and theory of all the TNT processes.

Provides essential on site training for your entire staff by an Ultimate Image Drill Instructor. These training sessions will ensure that your staff has an understanding of the concept, theory, practical application and, most importantly, the execution of all the TNT processes.




Minimum order quantity is 12 books Tactical Network Training – Eight processes which embody over two decades of research and development. TNT identifies techniques proven to increase growth, enhance communication, build superior skill sets and most importantly; produce greater profitability.

With the TNT Training Manual you will learn to:
  • Build consumer confidence

  • Increase sales production

  • Generate referrals


Set of 4 - minimum order is 12 sets.
Power Prospect Quarterly – Are you hitting the target or missing the mark? The PPQ is an Ultimate Image Sales Professionals individual success formula. Through effective planning and personal accountability to process performance, the PPQ is designed to guarantee success through discipline.



Minimum order quantity is 12
Reinforce training by providing an opportunity to build your skill set during commuter drive time with the TNT Audio CD. Plus, seeing is believing with the TNT Video DVD, watching.

3 of the most critical applications executed live (not staged)!
  • Audio CD & Video DVD


Minimum order quantity is 12 CDs
Management control documents and flow-chart presentation.



Minimum order quantity is 12
Each 6 pack includes one (1) TNT, four (4) PPQs, and one (1) ROC PowerPoint Trainer. Plus, as a bonus, when you purchase twenty four (24) sets or more,

you will receive your choice of a TNT Audio Support CD
or a TNT Video Support DVD.


Minimum order quantity is 12
Each 6 pack includes one (1) TNT, one set of four (4) PPQ's, one (1) ROC, one (1) TNT Audio Support CD, and one (1) TNT Video Support DVD. With twelve (12) or more 6 packs, you receive a bonus of one (1) ROC PowerPoint Trainer.



Arm your troops the supplies they need to emerge victorious! The TNT management documents starter kit includes all twelve (12) management, leadership and control documents. These documents provide accountability with trackable, tangible results. As a bonus, the kit also includes four (4) dealer aids and one (1) ROC PowerPoint Trainer!