The Economic Struggle

ultimate image sales professional

Robbie Bray
Robbie Bray
Founder, President and CEO

Creating a superior, high-performance, proactive sales force is our trade. Ultimate Image Sales Professionals (UISP) learn to out perform the average sales person in unit production, grossprofit and CSI. In addition, UISPs maintain the highest standards of excellence, while executing a code, a way of life—one of honor, integrity and dignity.

Now, the revolutionary new itrainer takes it to the next level. Advances in technology threaten all who refuse to develop themselves. Many may be willing to settle for the mediocre but those who aren’t often just don’t have the direction or knowledge necessary to keep up! The itrainer makes it simple! With the click of a button you can tap into the latest training, sales and management processes.

Not only do you have the tools to improve your business, you have the ability to track and monitor your staff’s training! This ensures they train and maintain with sustained performance and accountability.

According to statistics, the average sales person closes only one out of every five clients who walk into your showroom, which results in approximately eight units a month with an average commission of less than $250 a copy. No wonder the automotive industry has the highest attrition rate of any profession in the nation.

itrainer is changing that!

By utilizing our powerful itrainer platform and the wide range of TNT processes, you can increase morale, unit production, R/O production, upsell penetration, CSI and CAReer longevity— in short, increase profits in EVERY department—as well as streamline business operations! We help you instill knowledge, enforcement and incentives, while helping your staff adhere to higher standards and deliver optimum results.

The itrainer mission

Our team is here to assist your dealership in raising the bar; elevating sales and CSI while simplifying the management of your day-to-day operations—all withthe click of a button! With the itrainer, your staff will have unprecedented resources at their fingertips. They will learn core values for success with our exclusive training system, tap into programs that bridge the gap between sales and service and much, much more! Discover the Power of it.

  • Take PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence) in everything you say and do.

  • Hold fast to honesty and integrity.

  • Seek truth and wisdom.

  • Show kindness at all times.

  • Speak little and listen much.

  • Be diligent in all things and make the most of every opportunity.

  • Consider the needs of others first.

  • Never become weary of doing what is right and good.