The Economic Struggle  

United States Marine Corps

Robbie, Great job! Your outstanding presentation was just what my recruiters needed to face a very challenging mission. Your inspiring ideas and energetic delivery had an immediate impact on the attitude and motivation of every marine. With the assistance that you have provided, I am confident that we will continue to provide the Corps with high quality young men worthy of the title “Marine.” I look forward to working with you in the future and will recommend your services to my fellow commanders.

– Art Corbett, Major USMC Commanding Officer

Longo Toyota

The first month’s results are finally in. For the group of 18 Sales Professionals that participated we have delivered 43 additional vehicles. I consider that an accomplishment considering that we only asked them to allocate one hour per day to follow-up and prospecting. Your talent and motivational skills were the sparks. With a little fanning we should be able to create a wildfire. My only regret is that I waited six month to get started.

– Ken Hunt, New Car General Sales Manager

24 Hour Workout

Mr. Bray: Your presentation "I Will to When" really captured our employees’ attention. Our production in Sacramento Valley improved dramatically after your seminar, increasing revenues by a 20% minimum across the board. We look forward to attending your next presentation.

– James Rowley, General Manager