The Economic Struggle The Whole Enchilada

return on investment:

  You CAN NOT pass up on this ROI! Ten sales professionals increase their unit production by one unit each week, increasing overall unit production by 40 units each month. At an average gross profit of $3,000 a copy (front, back and dealer incentives), it would equal an additional $120,000 in gross income each month. That's $1,480,000.00 a year! And, you didn't spend a dime in advertising. Welcome to the real world of selling where you Hunt... or Become the Hunted! As for you skeptics, Ultimate Image is willing to accept any level of failure you are comfortable with. Whatever number of sales professionals you have on your force multiplied by any and all units produced by the TNT processes—at any gross profit return—is more than you're earning now!


  • TEC Testimonial Evidence of Character

  • TPS Tactical Phone Skills

  • TFS Tactical Field Skills

  • RCS Red Carpet Service

  • REM Real E-ffective Mail

  • F-2 Follow-up Too

  • ELM Effective Leadership Management.



  • TNT training products manuals and management control documents

  • Master Print Disc (right to reproduce all Ultimate Image printed materials)

  • TNT CDs / DVDs with PowerPoint Trainer

  • UISP Masters qualification testing and certification

  • Custom training support product. Record and edit first three days of training (both video/audio) branded with your company's logos, banners, signs


    day launch with boots on the ground. An Ultimate Image Drill Instructor (UIDI) provides hand to hand training for your entire team. The UIDI secures the procedure of the TNT, not only in concept and theory, but also it's practical application- through tactical execution of each process in their working environment.
    days Effective Leadership and Management (ELM). It is critical that all leadership do exactly that...LEAD! People are only as good as their leadership, they only perform based on the examples that are set before them. These 3 days each month will make strong, efficient leaders in the TNT processes ensuring the success of the Ultimate Image culture in your dealership.

    days Ultimate Image Sales Professionals (UISP). Having a proactive sales FORCE is what you need! 3 days each month upon conquering each process your leadership team will instruct your sales staff through hands on execution with the Ultimate Image Drill Instructor (UIDI). Now, armed with their new arsenal of revolutionary power training tools- they make sure you get it!

    In the months to come you will want your leadership team and sales force to continue the Ultimate Image Sales Professional way of life. Secure the battle front with...
    months of unlimited access to the new itrainer, with monthly training and best practices updates included... at no additional cost!

    it... is one thing to start.    it... is quite another thing to finish...strong.       This is the power of    itrainer.