Answer It The Economic Struggle
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  • Decrease advertising 50% to 2/3

  • Increase market share

  • Increase Consumer Confidence

  • Increase new / used unit production

  • Increase F&I up-sell penetration

  • Increase CSI Scores

  • Increase RO production

  • Increase service up-sell penetration

  • Increase sales parts / accessories


How the objectives are achieved

The TNT process is geared around your existing client base; developing relationships with their friends, family, coworkers and expanding through community business networking. The net result is increased market share with decreased advertising, training and attrition expense.

What is tnt?

TNT is aggressive, enthusiastic prospect development with an emphasis in communication and interpersonal relationship skills, creating high performance career professionals with longevity—an Ultimate Image Sales Professional.

What is an ultimate image sales professional?

Ultimate Image Sales Professionals have a well thoughtout plan for success, putting themselves in front of more consumers. They take pride in pro-active professionalism with the motto: Hunt or be.... the hunted. UISPs are trained in the purist form of prospecting. They network your current client base while tactically aligning each profit center of your dealership. UISPs do not sell cars, they assist the buying public with their transportation needs in the second largest purchasing decision they make every three to five years. Wow, what a CAReer!

Idealism vs. reality

I’m certain you are thinking, “Where do I find these guys?” Face it. For most this is a crossroads career. How then can you be excellent at something you’ve never chosen to be excellent at. There is no lack of ego in this business. However, there is a genuine lack of a healthy, positive self image. Add to that a competitive market in a tough economy, rising fuel costs and recruiting issues—i.e. if you have a pulse, you’re qualified—and how can you possibly succeed in this industry?

It is the answer

The itrainer—A proactive marketing training solution for a reactive sales culture with accountable, tangible, measurable results; using a new leading edge communication platform and technology in interactive web-based virtual training. The itrainer is a training revolution, one that keeps your staff stimulated, educated and motivated with the TNT process. The itrainer brings a whole new meaning to sales force with it’s new innovation and fresh approach to a very troubled industry.

So, how does it work? Unlike any competitor whose focus is on the steps to the sale (which relies on your advertising dollar paying off and the potential client actually showing up) the itrainer’s primary function is to teach a step-by-step process to develop new leads daily for sales, service, parts and accessories by networking your community and your existing clientele base... without the use of advertising!

You won’t have to wait until the next lost or missed sale to know who’s training and who’s not. itrainer gives you a detailed report on each user whenever you want it... in real time. Plus, itrainer increases the ability of your sales force to close more deals. If a sales professional knew how to create a client versus waiting for a client, wouldn’t their confidence and communication skills be greatly increased yielding a much better result?

itrainer... the platform,
tnt... the course,
the ultimate image sales professional
...the result!